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file search

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File Locator
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File Locator

A professional tool for finding files and information on your hard drive fast and efficiently. You can easily and fast search for photos, movies, music, documents and other files, you can combine simple or complex search options such as date and time, size, file attribute, type of file, text and more. With File Locator you will never lose a file again!

    Do I need File Locator?
    With the increase of hard disk size on common PCs, file hierarchy structures are getting more and more complex, and data is getting harder to find. Searching for a specific file or folder can become a time consuming process if you simply browse your hard disk, and the Windows built-in simple search feature isn't always so easy and effective to use. Sometimes you simple can't find the file you are looking for, even though you know it's someplace there on your computer!
    Start using File Locator today and say goodbye to all these searching problems!

   Special algorithm for a fast and effective search
   You can search files for several criteria, separate or combined:
      - File Date and/or Time
      - File Size
      - File Attributes
      - Text ( you can search in both text and binary files )
      - And more
   Ability to search in compressed files, such as Zip, Rar and Cab
   Convenient and easy-to-use.
   You can search for a specific text in both small and large text or binary files
   Multi-language user interface support, including: English, French, German, and Romanian

    Why File Locator?
    How many times did you tried to search for files using the Windows XP's built-in search feature and failed? Not to mention that under older versions of windows would be even harder to search for specific files. Windows built-in applications are not quite as good as they could; because Microsoft has no benefits from including complex and powerful utilities or games with windows, otherwise the other software developing companies would go bankrupt! Compare for example Notepad or Wordpad program with some complex Word processing applications such as Microsoft Word! Or Paint with the professional image editing applications!
    In one phrase, the windows built-in applications ( including the search for files feature ) are not as effective and easy to use as you might need, they were special designed to lack some features to allow other companies to sell their own applications which are more complex and more powerful!
    File Locator is a professional file search utility, designed to be both: easy to use by the inexperienced beginner and a powerful tool in the hands of the average user!
    File Locator clearly stands up from the utilities of its kind!

    You can download the Free Fully Functional Trial Version of File Locator v1.0 ( 980Kb ) by clicking on the link below. Download time: 3.40 min at a 56Kb Dial-Up connection.

    After download, open the file FileLocatorSetup.exe and the installation wizard will appear. Follow the easy steps in order to complete the installation.

    Order the Full Version!
    The version available for download above will expire after 15 days. Its sole purpose is to let you evaluate File Locator before spending any money; this gives you the opportunity to compare it with the other file search utilities made by competitors. If you wish to continue to use File Locator after the trial period, please purchase a License by clicking below:
    Single user license: 19.95 Euro ( 26 USD )
    Available as download or CD-ROM

    Immediately after registration you will receive an email with the License Key which will turn your evaluation copy into the full version. The benefits of purchasing the full version:
     - No 15 days Trial Limit
     - No more nag screen at exit
     - FREE upgrades to upcoming versions of File Locator
     - Technical support

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    We are so confident that you will be happy with File Locator that we offer you an unconditional 30 Days Money Back guarantee! Try it today and find easy and quick the files you are searching for!

    Short FAQ:
    Q. I downloaded the trial but Windows says it can't open the file. How can I open it?
    A. Sometimes Windows breaks downloads before they are completed, in this case you get only a partial download and the file can't be loaded. We recommend you to either try downloading again, or to use a download manager.
    Q. After I installed File Locator it says it can't find the file qtintf70.dll . What can I do?
    A. qtintf70.dll is a file that should come with Windows . You get this error message because probably the file is either missing or corrupt. You can download it from here: QTIntF70Setup.exe.
    Please visit File Locator FAQ for a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions.


    "I always had a hard time finding the files I was looking for, either if I was browsing the folders manually or if I was using the Windows built-in file search feature. With File Locator I can find all the files I want fast and easy, including my favorite photos, documents or movies. Keep up the good work guys!"
Mirca Woodal, Bucharest