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Screen Capture requirements
  Pentium® 133 Mhz
  16 MB RAM
  2Mb Hdd Space

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Amic Screen Capture

A powerful and easy-to-use screen capture utility to capture full screen (include DirectX mode), windows, objects, rectangle areas of the screen by hotkeys or menu commands. You can save the captured images in BMP, JPEG, GIF formats, copy them to the clipboard, or send them as email. Screen capture has a History List displays all the image captured, you can display, add, remove these images freely and easily. You can also edit the captured image by cropping and resizing.

    Who is Amic Screen Capture for?
    Technical writers, engineers, analysts, salespeople, office workers, realtors, teachers, consultants, and billing departments all save time by using Amic Screen Capture. Print only what you want from the web, minus the ads, saving paper and ink. Improve your communication by adding pictures to your email and presentations. Use Screen Capture to create paper checklists from on-screen reports. Save pictures of hardware and software settings. Get or give computer help by emailing those settings to others.

    Amic Screen Capture Features:
 Capture full screen, active window ,window object and any part of screen.
 Handle 'Print Screen' key.
 Support hot keys, user can define hot keys.
 Can capture DirectX mode games.
 Save picture as these formats: bmp, jpg, gif, png.
 Can capture cursor image.
 A history of captured objects and images.
 Copy the screenshot to clipboard manually or automatically.
 Has an easy-to-use, multilingual interface
 Run as system tray icon.
 Can send captured images as email

    You can download the Free Fully Functional Trial Version of Screen Capture v1.2 ( 1.3 Mb ) by clicking on the link below. Download time: 4.50 min at a 56Kb Dial-Up connection.

Download Screen Capture

    After download, open the file ScreenCaptureSetup.exe and the installation wizard will appear. Follow the easy steps in order to complete the installation of Screen Capture.

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    The version available for download above will expire after 15 days. Its sole purpose is to let you evaluate Screen Capture before spending any money; this gives you the opportunity to compare it with the other screen capture utilities made by competitors. If you wish to continue to use Screen Capture after the trial period, please purchase a License by clicking below:
    Single user license: $39.95 USD (29.95 Euro)

    Immediately after registration you will receive an email with the License Key which will turn your evaluation copy of Screen Capture into the full version. The benefits of purchasing the full version:
     - No 15 days Trial Limit
     - No more nag screen at exit
     - FREE upgrades to upcoming versions of Screen Capture
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    60 Days Money Back Guarantee
    We are so confident that you will be happy with Amic Screen Capture that we offer you an unconditional 60 Days Money Back guarantee! Order Screen Capture today and make your work easier!


    "Got Amic Screen Capture to make manuals, now I couldn't do without it! A neat application!"
Richard Daniel, Arizona

    "If you’re tired of messy programs and just want something that’s easy to use, then Amic Screen Capture is the program for you!"
Howard Furst, Washington

    "Amic Screen Capture looks real slick. I'm used to using Print Screen and Windows Paint, but based on my first few uses of your product, Screen Capture is going to be a lot easier and certainly more flexible and creative!"
Marcia Hinton, Wisconsin


    Because of the user-frendly interface and multitude of features Screen Capture received maximum ratings ( 5 out of 5 ) on several shareware sites: