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   Ordering Amic Utilities products is fast and easy. You can chose to receive your software via electronic download or have them mailed to you on CD-ROM (or both). Please select the application you would like to order:

More info about Outlook Express Backup Genie
Order Outlook Express Backup Genie!   Price: 29.95 Euro
Order this utility today and never worry about loosing e-mail data again! It periodical creates backups safe and easy to all your messages and other important data in your favorite E-mail Client. It also allows you to transfer email messages from one computer to another.
More info about Wallpaper Xe
Order Wallpaper Xe!   Price: 24.95 Euro
Gain total and complete control over your own desktop wallpapers. With Wallpaper Xe, you can use any of your favorite images or movies as your desktop wallpaper easily and all your wallpaper settings ( style, position, background color, timer, resolution, etc) are fully customizable.
More info about Privacy Guard
Order Privacy Guard!   Price: 39.95 Euro
Protect your privacy by erasing beyond recovery the Internet History, browsing traces, temporary files, url drop down list, cookies and all the other files you don't want to be found by anyone else! Easy to use and intuitive, while powered by a revolutionary wiping engine that completely remove the unwanted data!
More info about Type Xe
Order Type Xe!   Price: 24.95 Euro
Reduce the time you spend typing at your computer by inserting the text which is most used. Is very useful especially for writing standard phrases such as signatures, email addresses, frequently used sentences, URLs, phone numbers, hieroglyphs, etc.
More info about Fast Tray
Order Fast Tray!   Price: 19.95 Euro
Fast Tray is a tray launcher that lets you gain quick access to most frequently used applications and system commands via a customizable menu. You can open applications and files, launch screen savers, shutdown and reboot your computer and all from the system tray!
More info about Screen Capture
Order Screen Capture!   Price: 24.95 Euro
Capture easy and fast the entire or any part of your screen, save the image as Jpeg, Bmp, and other popular formats or send it via email!
More info about Startup Genie
Order Startup Genie!   Price: 19.95 Euro
A handy software utility that allows you to control what programs run at system startup when you turn on or logon to your computer; Startup Genie is the manager you need to display, enable, disable, or delete the programs loading at system startup!
More info about Optimize Computer
Order Optimize Computer!   Price: 19.95 Euro
Increase the performance of your computer with this suite of 7 powerful tools, by correcting problems, cleaning and fixing Windows registry, deleting unnecessary files, fine-tuning your internet connection settings!
More info about PDF Writer Pro
Order PDF Writer Pro!   Price: 49.95 Euro
Create PDF files from any Windows application running on Windows 98/Me/2000 and XP, without needing to have installed Adobe Acrobat. PDF Writer Pro installs itself as a printer driver, and all you have to do is to click "Print" from your application to create PDF files easy and fast.

   If you have any questions about the ordering process, please feel free to Contact Us.

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