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    Technical Support!

    We provide technical support via email, and we reply in maximum 24 hours for registered users and in 48 hours to the unregistered people. Before contacting us with your question please make sure you have the latest version of the software and please read the Frequently Asked Questions where most of the problems are answered. By doing this you are saving time for both of us!

    If your problem remains unsolved after you read the FAQ, please do Contact Us. Please try to be as descriptive as possible regarding your problem, and don't forget to mention:
    - the name of product you are having trouble with
    - the version of the product
    - the version of Windows
    - if you are a registered user ( if you don't mention this, we will assume that you are not )
    - what exactly is the problem, if possible, a screen shot would help us greatly

.     It is higly recommended to include this information to save time, otherwise we will reply asking for the missing information.

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