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    After several bad experiences with web hosting companies that din't care about anything else but taking the customers money, we've found one web hosting solution which not only have meet all our requirements but it evan brought us several pleasent surprises.

Royal Web Hosting

    If you are looking for a new web hosting service, you should try Royal Web Hosting; they offer you a FREE trial period to test your account, no credit card required! You do not enter any billing information until the end of the trial period. They are also offering 99.9% uptime guarantee, a verry good speed, fast custommer support and a high reliability. We have been tried them for at most 6 months now, and all these caracteristics are the same if not evan better!

    Note: This is not ment to be any kind of advertisment, Amic Utilities has no obligation to Royal Web Hosting to post this link or any reference to it, and Amic Utilities is not in any way affiliate with Royal Web Hosting. We do not earn any money at all ( we don't receive any kind of material benefits from refering customers to them ) instead we do it because we really feel that there might be webmasters out there which have been hardly dissapointed by some cheap louzy web hosting companyes, and they are looking for a good service to put an end on theyr problems.

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