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Privacy Guard requirements
  Pentium® 133 Mhz
  16 MB RAM
  2Mb Hdd Space

Privacy Guard
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Because of the revolutionary algorithm to delete the data several large shareware archives rated Privacy Guard a maximum of 5 stars and they highly recommend it over its competition!

Privacy Guard

    Privacy Guard is a powerful software tool for Windows based PCs that erases beyond recovery any unwanted files, such as Internet Activity History, cookies, temporary files, and any custom specified files. The tool uses the latest available D.O.D Technology, that overwrites the deleted files up to 60 times with special chosen data making it impossible to recover, even by fornesic agencies. Privacy Guard securely deletes all unwanted traces left behind your normal computer activity, including temporary Internet files that contain information about previsious visited websites, cookies, traces, index.dat files!

    Privacy Guard Features:
 Special algorithm to delete files, they can't be recovered with any kind of hardware or software!
 Privacy Guard can delete:
      - History
      - Windows cache
      - Cookies
      - Auto-complete forms
      - Recycle Bin content
      - Windows run and find history
      - Drop-down address bar
      - Windows temp files folder
      - Locked index.dat files
      - And more
 Easy to use yet powerful.
 Scheduler to automatically clean periodically without requiring your supervision.
 Built-in File Shredder to erase any unwanted documents.
 Privacy Guard supports the most current web browsers.
 Multi-language: English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian

    Download Evaluation Version
    Download the Free Fully Functional Trial Version of Privacy Guard v5.0 ( 1.5 Mb ) by clicking on the link below. Download time: 3 min at a 56Kb Dial-Up connection.

download Privacy Guard

    When prompted, click on Open and after downloading the installation wizard will appear. Follow the easy steps in order to complete the installation.

    Order the Full Version!
    The version available for download above will expire after 15 days. Its purpose is to let you evaluate Privacy Guard before spending any money; this gives you the opportunity to compare it with the other privacy protecting utilities made by competitors. If you wish to continue to use Privacy Guard after the trial period, please purchase a License by clicking below:
    Single user license: 59.95 USD (39.95EU)
    Available as download or CD-ROM
Order Privacy Guard

    Immediately after registration you will receive an email with the License Key which will turn your evaluation copy into the full version. The benefits of purchasing the full version:
     - No 15 days Trial Limit
     - No more nag screen at exit
     - FREE upgrades to upcoming versions of Privacy Guard
     - Technical support

    60 Days Money Back Guarantee
    We are so confident that you will be happy with Privacy Guard that we offer you an unconditional 60 Days Money Back guarantee! Order it today and protect your privacy from your boss, your colleagues, your friends and your children!

    Did you know?
    Every time you go online, your activities are recorded by your own computer by browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Firefox and many others. If you do not erase your history and cookies periodically, anyone can snoop around your computer and see what web sites you visit, the emails you send, the files you download, and much more!

Do I need Privacy Guard?

    Deleting "internet cache and history", is not enought! When files are deleted normally Windows only removes the file's directory entry, leaving the data in the file intact, making it easy to be recovered by the average user using a undelete tool. If you erase cookies or if you delete history by using your Browser feature, without Privacy Guard, anyone can recover them by using a simple undelete utility! Even after formating the hard drive, files and documents can be recovered with expensive hardware and software.
    Privacy Guard will protect you by erasing forever any files you do not want, so if you want to send your computer to a repair shop confident that noone will retrive your confidential documents.!

    Delete traces with Privacy Guard - Before is too late!
    Do you surf the internet and send E-mail at work? Your work PC will be full of traces! It's perfectly legal for companies to copy and investigate the content of workers computer out of hours, without their consent...
    According to an APBNews study, 73.5% of all businesses admit that they record and review their employees activities.
    Don't risk your job and reputation, protect your self and your family with Privacy Guard and delete all cookies and internet history on your hard drive!

    Why Privacy Guard?
    Don't be fooled by the other so called Privacy Protection programs! Over 95% of them are not deleting properly the files! The data can still be recovered! They just overwrite the files several times with random or junk data, thinking that the files can't be recovered ( they say this on their own web sites )!
    The shocking truth is that even after being overwritten many times files can still be recovered!
    At you can find a scientific study made by Peter Gutmann, from Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland, in which is explained with full technical details the principles of the Magnetic dispositives and what methods can be used to recover the files after they have been overwritten several times with data. You can also find there a ton of references to other scientific paperwork's on the same subject.
    You can spend hundred of dollars on most Privacy Protection programs and still be at risk!
    Most utilities which protect your Internet Privacy just locate the files to delete on hard drive and then overwrite it several times with random bytes. This makes it impossible to recover by the average user, but it can be recovered with expensive hardware and complex algorithms!
    The only way to truly delete the files is to overwrite them with special chosen patterns of bytes, using a complex algorithm which analyze the characteristics of your particular hard drive and the data to be deleted, making sure that there will not be any information which could be retrieved using MFM ( Magnetic force microscopy ), MFSTM ( Magnetic force scanning tunneling microscopy ) or other special methods to find data remanence. This is what Privacy Guard does, in order to secure delete your files.

    We really care about your privacy!
    Why? Because we want to sell our product. And the only way we can sell it, it to make Privacy Guard stand out of the crowd! We know that only the best utilities sells good. And because of this, our specialists have conducted a complex and deep study on the subject of secure files deletion, in order to achieve full understanding of how the magnetic devices work and to provide you with an unbeatable privacy protecting utility, which truly deletes data!
    Most of the other privacy protecting utilities ( Like Evidence Eliminator, Privacy Protector, Web Eraser, History Kill ) overwrite the files to be deleted with random or junk data! Well, keep away from those ones! Experts say that no matter how many times the files are overwritten with random patterns, they can still be recovered using the magnetic remanence! Privacy Guard is one of the few utilities that use a special algorithm to delete files forever!

    If you are using the other privacy utilities you will only be protected from the average user, but with special hardware the deleted information can be recovered, including the websites you visited, pictures you viewed, cookies, internet history and all hidden files!


    "I was using another utility to delete cookies and internet history, both at home and at my office, and I was feeling so confident and secure! Until one day when my home computer got a virus and I had to take it to a local computer shop to recover my files and my work. When I got it back I found all my Internet History, cookies, tracks and adult pictures back on, even I thought they were secure deleted! I was so embarrassed! Then I found out that the worker who fixed my computer was a part-time employed student who loved challenges, and after he removed the virus he saw the privacy protecting utility installed. He tried to see if he could recover some deleted history and cookies just for the fun of it and he succeeded! Since then I have conduced a deep search on secure deleting and privacy utilities and I came to the said conclusion that all protecting utilities are only protecting us from the average user, but they were not truly deleting the files for good! I was so disappointed.. And then I found Privacy Guard! Thank you guys for the good work! I highly recommend it!"
James Green, Mississippi

    "Privacy Guard is easy to install and have a friendly, easy to use interface. It deletes for good all the unwanted files, for first time I feel secure that no-one can ever recover what I deleted."
Larry Hudgins, California

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