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Delete history

Privacy Guard is a popular and powerful software tool for Windows that can delete your Interne History forever, ensuring that noone will be ever able to recover it. This tool has received noumerous awards world wide and is using D.O.D Technology, defeating any fornesic hardware and software.

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    Did you know?
    It is a known fact that when one use the Internet, your computer saves the sites you visit, cookies, and much more information. All browsers do this, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Firefox, and many others. They store important information in hard to reach files, in obscure folders.

Can I delete history manually?

    Most browsers have an feature to delete the browsing history manually, but we do not recommend relying only on that, especially if you want to take your computer to a repair shop, or if you are using your computer at work for personal purposes. Deleting the browsing history using the browser feature, will only delete the files containing the information, but not the information itself. We all know that deleting a file will only remove its pointer in the FAT or NTFS table, but the file content. Anyone can undelete thise files using undelete tools. You can use a tool that overwrites the file data with special patterns to ensure than even fornesic agencies using expensive hardware and software won't be able to recover it.

Methods to delete history forever

    Privacy Guard finds and shreds each file that contains sensitive information, and by doing this it delete history and cookies beyond recouvery. Please be aware that there are cheap imitations that pretend to do so but in fact they only delete history like Windows, by removing the entry point to the file, while the data remains there and can be recouvered with Undelete tools! Privacy Guard is the best and the most popular software tool available, it delete history and cookies by overwriting the files several times with special chosen data making them impossible to recouver! It will also delete other unwanted files on your hard drive, but only what you mark for deletion!

    You can learn more about Privacy Guard v4.8 ( 1.5 Mb ) from its homepage: Privacy Guard, where you will find numerous testimonials and awards as an acknowledgement that Privacy Guard is one of the best tools to delete beyond recovery any unwanted files on your hard drive.

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