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Wallpaper Xe
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  Pentium® 133 Mhz
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  2Mb Hdd Space

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Download free wallpaper packs
Airplanes - 23 Wallpapers with Jet planes
Wildlife - 70 Wallpapers with the many various animals: lions, panthers, horses, cats, dogs, penguins, birds, and others.
Automobiles - 53 Wallpapers with beautiful cars.
Castles - 4 Wallpapers with castles.
Dinosaurs - 7 Wallpapers with dinosaurs.
Fish - 9 Wallpapers with fish.
Formula I - 19 Wallpapers with formula I photography.
Landscapes - 39 Wallpapers with landscapes.
Monuments - 11 Wallpapers with monuments.
Paintings - 8 Wallpapers with paintings.
Space - 25 Wallpapers with images from outer space.
Sports - 21 Wallpapers with photography from sports.
    Note: You can download and use these wallpapers with the Trial Version of WallpaperXe as well!

    Disclaimer: The wallpapers in these Free Wallpaper Packs are created from images collected from various sources; we tried as much as possible to make sure that they are free for commercial and uncommercial use. However if you own copyright on any of these images and you would like them not be be used as wallpapers, please send us a notice as soon as possible and we will remove them immediately.

Sites from where you can download wallpapers for free

3D and Digital (253)
Digital, 3D-rendered, fractal
Fantasy (253)
Science fiction and fantasy
Religious (253)
Bible, Christian
Anime and manga (253)
Anime and manga
Games (253)
Games wallpapers ( PC, PSX, DC )
Space (253)
Space wallpapers
Artistic (253)
Artistic wallpapers
Holiday (253)
Holiday (Christmas, Easter)
Sport (253)
Sport wallpapers
Beautiful girls (253)
Babes, girls, bikini
Landscapes (253)
Landscapes, Nature
Underwater (253)
Ocean, underwater
Cartoons (253)
Cartoons (Disney, Looney Tunes)
Movies (253)
Movies and films
Vehicles (253)
Vehicles (car, motor, bike)
Celebrities (253)
Artists, celebrities
Other (253)
Miscellaneous wallpapers
Wildlife (253)
Animals and wildlife

Recommended sites with the best wallpapers

Cognitive Distortion For 1024x768
 Cognitive Distortion provides excellent 3D, space, and fantasy computer wallpapers for your desktop.
 This site offers thousands of free clipart images and it doesn't pester you with pop-up ads, unlike many similar resources. There's a handy "Lightbox" feature here that lets you save images for later use. You can also have the images that you've selected e-mailed to you in ZIP format.

3D Wallpapers by TWS Design
 Exotic, nature, high rendered, photo realistic, 3D rendered wallpapers for free.

Apophis' Free Desktop Wallpaper
 More than 1000 free quality desktop wallpapers from several different categories such as celebrities, scenery, space, movies, cars, and much more!

Digital Blasphemy
 Stunningly original wallpapers for distinctive desktops. This is one of the most popular wallpaper spots on the net and should not be missed.

Wallpapers HQ
 The biggest wallpapers archive on the web! More than 15,000 free high quality pictures: movies, video games, fantasy, nature, cars, celebrities, babes, manga, comics...

Automotive Automobile Car Wallpapers
 Wallpapers of cars tested by the JB car pages. Popular vehicles include the Vette, Viper, Mustang, and others.

Beautiful Nature and Scenic Desktop Wallpapers
 Beautiful landscape, flower, animal and scenic photos in wallpaper sizes 800x600 and 1024x768 (with thumbnails) suitable for use as computer desktop background.

Ace Wallpapers
 6375 wallpapers in 168 categories for free on this website. All designed for a resolution of 800x600 and 1024x768. If you are looking for desktop wallpapers, is an excellent source!

Digital Wallpapers
 High quality wallpapers covering a variety of themes: 3d, abstract, tv, movies, cars, animals, nature, celebrities, sport, space, and more.

Free Wallpaper Collection from Gaia Dream Creation
 Great variety of unique wallpapers in different categories like 3D, hand-drawn and photography. An amazing collection of macro shots never seen elsewhere. This Free Wallpaper Collection will enhance your desktop every day of the year.

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