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  Pentium® 133 Mhz
  16 MB RAM
  2Mb Hdd Space

    Outlook Express Backup Genie Testimonials
    "E-mail is a critical part of our daily business processes. In these days of destructive viruses, it's important to have an easy-to-use utility that allows us to backup and restore E-mail messages, accounts, rules, address books, signatures, and blocked senders. I use Outlook Express Backup Geni! It is an Excellent E-mail utility and I recommend it to all who want to avoid the frustration of lost E-mail information."
Bill Sever, NetBest Internet Services

    "Thanks goes to Amic Utilities there is a solution to lost e-mail data and address' after hard drive failure or virus corruption. After suffering severe virus outbreaks and moving from one operating system to another year after year its refreshing to know I can backup and recover my e-mail settings, letters and address book as simple as this. The Outlook Express Backup Genie is a great way to gain some peace of mind and pick up right where you left off in a flash. Having to rebuild your entire e-mail program and losing your address book is a thing of the past with the Outlook Express Backup Genie program!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!"
Ken Davis, Washington

    "I have tried several back up programs. I found that Outlook Express Backup Geni was the best. Very simple and easy to use. And reasonably priced. I will never need another backup program again. Thank you!"
Elizabeth, Colorado

    "Outlook Express Backup Genie is easy to install and has a friendly, intuitive face to the non-technical user. I backed up several thousand e-mails in a matter of minutes both to a CD-R and to a backup computer. For the first time, I feel secure that a hard drive failure cannot impact my business!"
Carl Roessler, Sea Images, Inc

    "As a website designer, much of the content for the sites I design, as well as graphics (i.e., logos, etc.) are sent to me via email. I have individual folders on my computer for my various clients. I save a copy of each client's email that includes content or website instructions in their respective folder. It is imperative that I am able to keep all of this information in one place for easy access and now, with Outlook Express Backup Genie, I can continue to work, schedule a backup of my email program, and not have to worry that I am taking a chance of losing important information. This program will cause me great peace of mind without disrupting my work and at a very affordable price! Thanks."
Rhonda Bartlett, RB Design Studio, LLC,

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