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Privacy Guard requirements
  Pentium® 133 Mhz
  16 MB RAM
  2Mb Hdd Space

Privacy Guard
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Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard is a software tool designed to delete beyond recovery cookies, activity history and other unwanted files, using the latest available D.O.D Technology, which overwrites the deleted files up to 60 times with special chosen patterns of data to ensure that it will never be possible to recover it.

Did you know... that the government and police are installing black boxes in ISPs to record your Internet surfing and downloads for evidence?

Deleting "internet cache and history", will not protect you... your PC is storing deadly evidence. Even FORMATTING the disk won't work.

All those Web Pages, Pictures, Movies, Videos, Sounds, E-mail and Everything Else you have ever viewed could easily be recovered - even many years later.

Your Boss , your spouse and even your children can easily see what websites you visited, what images you viewed, what documents you opened, and the chat logs of your private online discussions! Deleting these will not destroy it, everything can be easily recovered with Undelete Software Tools by the average computer user!

Even data from formated hard drives or destroyed hard drives can still be recovered by Forensic Analysis equipment.such as EnCase and F.R.E.D. used by Private and Business Investigators, Law-Enforcement and others, can recover evidence from parts of your hard drive that you thought were empty, parts that you had cleaned.

You need Privacy Guard - the most powerful digital document shredder that is proven to defeat the every forensic software and hardware existent!

Privacy Guard will completely destroy Internet History, Cookies, Temporary files, Chat Logs, Recycle Bin, Unwanted downloaded pictures and files, and much more! Your computer will be as clean as new!

Download Privacy Guard
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Price: $52.00 ( Secure Online or by Phone )

60 Days Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you will be happy with Privacy Guard that we offer you an unconditional 60 Days Money Back guarantee! Order it today and protect your privacy from your boss, your colleagues, your friends and your children! If for any reason you change your mind, simply send us an email and we will refund you 100%!

Did you know?
Faced with techniques such as MFM, truly deleting data from magnetic media is very difficult. The problem lies in the fact that when data is written to the medium, the write head sets the polarity of most, but not all, of the magnetic domains. This is partially due to the inability of the writing device to write in exactly the same location each time, and partially due to the variations in media sensitivity and field strength over time and among devices.

In conventional terms, when a one is written to disk the media records a one, and when a zero is written the media records a zero. However the actual effect is closer to obtaining a 0.95 when a zero is overwritten with a one, and a 1.05 when a one is overwritten with a one. Normal disk circuitry is set up so that both these values are read as ones, but using specialised circuitry it is possible to work out what previous "layers" contained. The recovery of at least one or two layers of overwritten data isn't too hard to perform by reading the signal from the analog head electronics with a high-quality digital sampling oscilloscope, downloading the sampled waveform to a PC, and analysing it in software to recover the previously recorded signal. What the software does is generate an "ideal" read signal and subtract it from what was actually read, leaving as the difference the remnant of the previous signal. Since the analog circuitry in a commercial hard drive is nowhere near the quality of the circuitry in the oscilloscope used to sample the signal, the ability exists to recover a lot of extra information which isn't exploited by the hard drive electronics.

In other wording, even after a format the previsious data can still be recouvered with forensic hardware and software.

Privacy Guard is the only software tool that can erase forever the unwanted data on your computer.

Delete traces with Privacy Guard - Before is too late!
Do you surf the internet and send E-mail at work? Your work PC will be full of traces! It's perfectly legal for companies to copy and investigate the content of workers computer out of hours, without their consent...
    According to an APBNews report, 73.5% of all companies admit they "record and review their employees' communications and activities on the job."

Don't risk your job and reputation, protect your self and your family with Privacy Guard and delete all cookies and internet history on your hard drive!

Download Privacy Guard
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1.5 Mb ( Download time: 3 minutes )

    "I was using another software tool to delete cookies and internet history, both at home and at my office, and I was feeling so confident and secure! Until one day when my home computer got a virus and I had to take it to a local computer shop to recover my files and my work. When I got it back I found all my Internet History, cookies, tracks and adult pictures back on, even I thought they were secure deleted! I was so embarrassed! Then I found out that the worker who fixed my computer was a part-time employed student who loved challenges, and after he removed the virus he tried to see if he could recover any deleted or damaged files and he succeeded! Since then I have conduced a deep search on secure deleting and privacy software and I came to the conclusion that Privacy Guard is the best! Thank you guys for the good work! I highly recommend it!"
Adrian Codaldo, Bucharest

    "Privacy Guard is easy to install and have a friendly, easy to use interface. It deletes for good all the unwanted files, for first time I feel secure that no-one can ever recover what I deleted."
John McDake, Colorado

Privacy Guard has earned many PC Awards, as an acknowledgement of the power, ease of use and the superiority over the competitional products.


Download Privacy Guard
Download the best tool of its kind to protect your privacy, the industry standard Privacy Guard and have peace of mind by protecting your job, your life and your online privacy! Downloading will take about a couple of minutes depending on your Internet conexion speed. Download Now!

Download Privacy Guard
Click Here to Buy Privacy Guard!
Price: $52.00 ( Secure Online or by Phone )
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