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$19.95 USD (15.95EU)
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  Pentium® 133 Mhz
  16 MB RAM
  2Mb Hdd Space

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Startup Genie

A handy startup manager that allows you to control what programs run at system startup when you turn on or logon to your computer. When Windows starts up, it automatically launches a number of programs for you; Startup Genie is the manager you need to display, enable, disable, or delete these programs loading at system startup.
    You can save the list of programs that are currently enabled or disabled as a profile that can be restored at a later time. This option is useful when you want to test several startup configurations.

 Comfortable GUI with categories tree
 Display all startup items from registry, startup folders, win.ini.
 Allow to add, edit, disable and delete programs.
 Stop/start with/without parameters any startup items.
 Find source of record, find program's folder.
 Clipboard operations with programs
 Start and stop of all programs from startup manually
 List and manage all runing applications and processes on your computer
 Displays information about each running process
 Multilingual interface
 Win XP style interface support
Startup manager

    Do I need Startup Genie
    Do you have applications on your system that start and restart themselves every time you run Windows? Yes... and they are slowing down your PC! Mile-long system tray? Well, you might not know that the applications shown in the system tray are just a fraction of the programs that are actually running in the background!

    The problem is: how do you get rid of them? Which ones should you keep? You need a startup manager, and Startup Genie comes to the rescue!

    You can download the Free Fully Functional Trial Version of Startup Genie v1.2 ( 1.21 Mb ) by clicking on the link below. Download time: 4.40 min at a 56Kb Dial-Up connection.

    After download, open the file StartupGenieSetup and the installation wizard will appear. Follow the easy steps in order to complete the installation.

    Order the Full Version!
    The version available for download above will expire after 15 days. Its sole purpose is to let you evaluate Startup Genie before spending any money; this gives you the opportunity to compare it with the other startup managers. If you wish to continue to use Startup Genie after the trial period, please purchase a License by clicking below:
    Single user license: $19.95 USD (15.95EU)
    Available as download or CD-ROM

    Immediately after registration you will receive an email with the License Key which will turn your evaluation copy into the full version of Startup Genie.

    60 Days Money Back Guarantee
    We are so confident that you will be happy with Startup Genie that we offer you an unconditional 60 Days Money Back guarantee! Order it today and gain control over the programs that load at your computer startup with one of the finest startup managers!


    "Startup Genie is really a neat manager! Is easy to install and have a easy to use interface. It lists all the programs that load at windows startup, and offer complete control over them!"
Richard Grenier, California

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