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Sept 16, 2018.
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   Welcome Vendors

    This section is for shareware and game vendors interested in distributing the free Trial Versions of our applications, including web sites, on-line services, CD-ROM vendors, disk vendors, bulletin board systems, and other distributors. Here you will find links to detailed product information such as descriptions, minimum system requirements, feature lists, screen shots, and more. Please use any information you find helpful in your marketing materials, if you need any additional information please send email using the Online Form.

    Our Distribution Policy

    We allow and encourage all web sites, on-line services, shareware disk vendors, CD-ROM vendors, bulletin board systems, and end-users to freely distribute the free Trial Versions of our software. You may always obtain the most recent versions of our applications from our downloads page. It is not necessary to contact us for distribution authorization, but we would like if you would send us a notification email to know who, where and when. You may begin distributing the shareware versions of our programs immediately.

    Licensing Opportunities

    If you are interested in licensing and distributing the full ( non-shareware ) versions of any of our software, please send us an email using the Online Form.

    Product Information for Vendors

    Use the following links to obtain detailed information for our applications:

    Outlook Express Backup Genie

    If you have any questions please email us at or use the Online Form.

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